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Wondering just how acquiring radiation therapy might affect the love life?

Wondering just how acquiring radiation therapy might affect the love life?

Mentioning with Your Healthcare Personnel about Sex Medical And Health Factors

While you think about the improvement that cures has brought to your lifetime, create a listing of questions to inquire about a family doctor, nursing assistant, or personal worker. See adding these to your number:

  • What sexual problems are common among boys obtaining this procedures?
  • What sexual difficulties might We have during cures?
  • Whenever might these modifications occur?
  • Just how long might these issues last? Will likely any of these troubles be permanent?
  • How do these problems end up being prevented, treated, or maintained?
  • What safety measures perform i must simply take during therapy? For example, carry out i have to use a condom to safeguard my partner?
  • Should my partners and I also make use of contraception to avoid a pregnancy? What types of contraception (birth prevention) do you suggest?
  • Can there be a service party that you recommend?
  • What specialist(s) can you declare that that we talk to for more information?

Radiotherapy Acoustics Transcript

What Males Can Create About Alterations In Sex and Fertility

Narrator: What males can do about changes in sexuality and fertility caused by radiotherapy.

All men can listen to this track to know about possible changes in sexuality. For males acquiring radiotherapy to the pelvic place, including the testes or prostate, Dr. Ross will even discuss alterations in virility. Why don’t we listen in now.

Dr. Ross:I would like to open up with a few general details about sex that could be useful to all boys obtaining radiotherapy.

The most common questions I have from people are “Is It Possible To have sexual intercourse during radiotherapy?” The good thing is more people can continue to make love during their therapy. However, it’s far better consult your physician to make certain it really is fine available. (altro…)