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Relationship for Gay and hold city. Joining and chattering on Bearslooking

Relationship for Gay and hold city. Joining and chattering on Bearslooking

AndRomeo OSP is just a GayRomeo chitchat people for Android-enabled systems

The AndRomeo OSP teams decide’s saying thanks to everybody for the responds, bug document and also have desires. Correct we have now reached 1000 installing. Definitely amazing!

Thank you quite a bit all such to make utilization of our very own pc software!

We may be not simply allways on timetable, but we’re browsing continue to work from the app to enhance the protection and features. ??

Need a very good time and relish the summer months – keep in mind to have AndRomeo running in history! ??


AndRomeo 0.1.8 are launched

At sunday, July the 4th, we’ll set 0.1.8 for your opportunities.

This production was a bugfix production: the program should be much faster plus firm. The menu of most recent properties is not a number of years (a refresh symbol, some design optimizations, a settings diet plan).

But our very own fundamental reason was in fact a tad little more fast goods if your wanting to implement new features. Latest designer edition were crashing more infrequently, in which are actually fewer lags at this time with all the application.

Plus it’s material reliable if you’re altering the communities: it acknowledges cure timeout properly (in-lot of minutes) or a malfunctioning group, and automaticaly attempts a re-login.

some individuals likely have noticed that the sort info attempt out-of-date when you glance at the “relating to the software” windows. Tend not to concerns, the product got 0.1.8. We merely disregarded to change the feedback. Also, “brand-new found in this version” is full of a Lorem Ipsum content. You ought to overlook. Cheers plenty! P.S.: we just wouldn’t desire concern you with an update Polyamorous online dating overview, that simply provides a sort info! (altro…)