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A Witch’s Keyword. Mouse click grab today to have use of listed here files:

A Witch’s Keyword. Mouse click grab today to have use of listed here files:

Years ago, you marketed your first created to a witch. However with your present dating record, it does not appear to be she’s going to iniciar sesion badoo espaГ±ol feel acquiring her bargain any time in the future. Therefore the witch have provided to support you in finding the ideal anyone to subside with. Will you choose the sweet farmer, the confident writer, and/or brooding bladesmith? And they are these actually their just possibilities?

This atmospheric text-based adventure features unique artwork and soundtracks for each road, and four various endings (these accessible with very little repetition).

Count on a mysterious witch, worthwhile choices and at least one closing that foliage your questioning the options.



I ask yourself if there are a variation with a male mc

this is another thing, I absolutely adore they.

Oh that was delicious!

aww that has been so excellent!

this is exceptional

I simply love exactly how this was created and how you’ll be able to click some terms and various other terms and conditions become disclosed :(((( this is so that special, really beneficial >

Ya understand I absolutely appreciated Elias a whole lot plus the closing I had with him.

It’s hard to see.

Basically great, that is remarkable

oh my jesus exactly how adorable the secret lesbian ending adore that

Can use an alternate font the challenging see clearly.

woah. I don t typically see VNs, but woah. Fantastic creating

I really like this such, its truly breathtaking in every means imaginable

something about lesbian witch intercourse yeah!

awww I managed to get the cutest stopping ever.


I love the starting-screen’s background-colour, font/size and colors here. (furthermore the suggested statements on fullscreen-mode & itch’s attached switch) in addition to that this online game’s for sale in internet browser is cool too. btw: I’m playing it on a win8.1-laptop, utilizing a basilisk-browser . (altro…)